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We partner with our clients to create a customized sales funnel for your company that will bring in leads and result in actual sales.


Lead Gen & ABM Services

Account Based Marketing or Lead Generation, we’ve got you covered!


SEO My Business provides Lead Generation & Account Based Marketing (ABM) services to midsized, large, and enterprise-level clients. We offer Lead Gen to clients with shorter sales cycles who aim to sell their product or service within one day or a few weeks at the longest.


Our Lead Gen services interface with your CRM and actively attract prospective clients to your brand when they’re ready to purchase, so that your sales team can engage leads efficiently and effectively. Our ABM services involve intensive, targeted research, and suits companies with longer sales cycles looking for significant gains in long-term revenue over the span of one month or several years.


Account Based Marketing involves a technology stack custom-designed to provide personalized content to accounts that meet your sales criteria, resulting in marketing content that’s positioned to appeal to your client depending on their stage in the sales funnel. ABM is the leading B2B marketing technique in terms of ROI, but it’s focused on influencing one account or buying committee over a long period of time. Some ABM campaigns can span a year or more, from the moment best-fit accounts are identified, through the engagement process, until your sales team accepts the lead as a Qualified Sales Opportunity.


Our Services



SEO My Business has over 25 years of experience as a digital marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia. We have managed hundreds of SEO campaigns for businesses throughout the Southeast and pride ourselves on our expert team’s ability to deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) for what you spend on our internet marketing services.

Generating increased revenue


Paid Search Engine marketing goes by many names: SEM, Paid Search, PPC, CPC. It refers to the paid ads that you see on search engines. These ads target search queries containing specific keywords that are decided by the advertiser. From there, the advertiser sets a bid limit on the specific keyword, and the bid is put into the Real-time-bidding marketplace.


Public Relations

We have a passion for creating powerful content in order to increase our clients’ brand awareness and public image. Maintaining a positive relationship with the media is essential to enhancing your company’s reputation…that’s where we come in. We provide a wide range of PR services that are completely customizable depending on each client’s needs.


Social Media Marketing

At SEO My Business, we understand the value that a well-developed social media presence can add to a business. Social media marketing can generate more targeted results in less time. Our experienced social media gurus would be honored to provide your company with a wide-ranging list of services that can be tailored to fit any industry.



Considering 90 percent of consumers still check their email on a daily basis, we take advantage of the opportunity to get your messages in front of mass audiences in a dependable, trackable manner. We understand the role lead nurturing plays in generating new sales and vow to use our advanced knowledge to cultivate these leads into real business.



When implemented and used correctly, a CRM (Customer relationship management) tool can allow your business access to up-to-date, accurate information on customer data and sales progress. Being able to see an overview of all of your customers in one place on a clear dashboard, can help you better monitor your business’ success, and organize your sales funnel.

Account Based Marketing 


SEO My Business has a client-exclusive approach to building ABM campaigns that results in your company receiving more sales qualified leads. Our services take the pressure off your sales team when it comes to finding and cultivating fresh accounts, allowing them to engage in higher value tasks— saving your business money, time and frustration.


ABM ensures your sales team spends less time on cold calls, qualification, and touchpoints, and more time tending to sales that are ready to close. SEO My Business has the tools to leverage intent data from third party sites in conjunction with first-party on-site engagement data, so that relevant content is delivered in relation to an account’s sales funnel position. With tracking and sales data that follows our work throughout every step of the ABM process,


SEO my business can take the mistakes and guesswork out of your next Account Based Marketing campaign. We provide marketing and sales teams with the insight needed to maintain high-level brand success.

SEO For Companies with More than One Location

Multi-Location SEO

At SEO My Business, we help multi-location, franchise businesses with hundreds of locations become easily found in local search results. We utilize tools like Google My Business and Pay per Click advertising to increase web traffic and boost your company’s search engine ranking.

Getting Your Business Known in the Local Arena

Local SEO Services

SEO My Business is recognized as the leading local SEO company in the Atlanta area. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses increase sales by providing reliable, local SEO packages with measurable reports. If you are a company in Atlanta or the surrounding area looking to increase visibility and generate more sales, SEO My Business’ Local SEO Services are perfect for you.

PPC Advertising Services

Pay Per Click Advertising

In addition to SEO services, SEO My Business provides PPC advertising services that target search engine queries containing specific keywords that boost your company’s visibility. Using our advanced SEO programs to find the top keywords for your targeted consumer base, we will ensure that your company’s ad appears each time someone searches for the product or service that your company provides. We use Google Adwords to generate leads for your company through display ads, video ads, text-based search ads, and click to call ads. Our PPC services also allow us to track the number of viewers, website visitors, and callers that have resulted from the ad. In combination with SEO strategies, PPC advertising encourages visitors to your website – thus generating leads that are easy to keep track of and follow up with.

Build your brand with our PR services

Public Relations

A big part of generating leads that will turn into sales is creating a brand that people are familiar with. Creating brand awareness with the public establishes credibility for your business and increases the probability that visitors of your page will become customers. Our PR experts create and pitch valuable content such as press releases, feature articles, white papers, and blogs, to establish high-authoritative relationships and enhance your public image. We believe that incorporating PR into lead generation services is one of the keys to creating a successful business.

Boost Your Social Presence with our Managed Services

Social Media Management

Increasing web traffic to your company’s page and drawing attention to your brand is easier than ever in today’s social media-driven world. When you know how to use social media platforms to grow your business, the possibilities for growth are endless. At SEO My Business, we offer a wide range of social media marketing and advertising services for businesses of all industries to increase web visibility and generate leads. We conduct a competitive analysis in order to provide the ideal social media strategy for your company and create engaging content to post on multiple social media platforms. We then track and monitor leads generated from social media posts and engage with them in a timely manner to turn interest into sales.

Lead Nurturing Services to Ensure Sales through Email and CRM Services

Email Marketing Automation with your Customers in Mind

Email Marketing

A lead is generated once an individual has visited your company’s webpage and requested more information, or expressed an interest in your product/service. When this happens, follow-up is crucial to making sure a lead, or potential new customer, does not go “cold”. One of the most effective methods of lead nurturing is email marketing. At SEO My Business, we create email marketing campaigns that are distributed to leads to confirm their interest or appointment, and provide more information. We create “drip campaigns” in which we schedule emails in advance to be distributed automatically, and then track the number of subscribers, open-rates, click-through-rates, and conversions to measure the campaign’s effectiveness.

See How Your Advertising Efforts Result in Real Sales

CRM Integration

The final step in SEO My Business’ lead generation and nurturing process, is integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program into your business’ sales strategy. By storing data on interactions with leads and customers, CRM keeps your company’s sales organized and turns leads into loyal customers.


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