5 Atlanta SEO Scams To Avoid

Atlanta SEO ScamsSo Many Atlanta SEO Scams To Avoid

With so many “companies” offering SEO to small businesses, cutting through the clutter of the newest and greatest SEO offer is hard to do so we are providing a short list of SEO scams that Atlanta area small businesses should avoid.

We Guarantee You The First Spot On Google

You can immediately delete any email or hang up on any call that claims to be able to provide your website the #1 spot on Google for any search term. You may not be aware of this but Google itself actually hires SEO experts to help it’s own sites rank well on Google…. So you can imagines if Google can’t simply insert itself into the #1 spot on it’s search engine, what are the odds that some “seo expert” can accomplish this task?

Our SEO Formula Is A Trade Secret And Can’t Be Revealed

If the company pitching your Atlanta business SEO services refuses to discuss any of the techniques they use, you should immediately be concerned! Either the tactics they use are black hat and likely to get your site demoted on Google or the person your speaking with is a sales person and has NO IDEA what techniques are being used by the SEO department. SEO isn’t a mystery anymore, it just takes a lot of hard work and being organized. Here is a quick overview of SEO: make sure your website is setup to be search engine friendly, write good original content that portrays your company as an expert, help other local businesses link to and share your content. It’s really just that simple…

$150 Per Month SEO Services

You’re probably familiar with the old saying “you get what you pay for”, well when it comes to SEO that saying is especially true! The list of deliverables for this package are probably Press Releases, Article Submissions, Blog Comments, Web2.0 Links and 100 Links Per Month. All of these tactics stopped working 3 years ago and are considered spam by Google, possibly resulting in your site LOSING rank not gaining. Real SEO services are time consuming and should be done by qualified professionals and not outsourced to other countries!

We Have Run An SEO Report And Your Site Isn’t Ranking For Important Terms

These are often auto generated emails or telemarketing calls designed to do one thing, scare you into taking an action. 9 times out of 10 there is no report generated and if there is one it’s not specific to your website, only to your industry. While there are great tools out there for determining onsite issues pertaining to SEO, no company without access to your Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics accounts will have detailed information about links to your site, drop in organic traffic or technical issues with your site.

Your Google My Business Listing Is About To Be Deleted…Or Worse!

By now I’m sure every Atlanta small business has gotten an automated call claiming to be Google and having important information about your GMB listing. The call goes on to say if you don’t take an immediate action then your listing may be deleted. First of all Google doesn’t use automated calls to notify business owners of an issue with their GMB listing, they use live people to verify listings from time to time. Do not ever give out your login info to any of these automated calls and if they suggest any payment over the phone, hang up immediately.

One good way to avoid getting scammed by an SEO pitch is to only do business with a Local SEO company and make sure they have been in business for at least 5 years. Get references that you can call and find out about other clients experiences over the long haul. It’s easy to get short success when it comes to SEO but keeping a client for 3 or more years would suggest a track record for success.

In the end I’d suggest one sure fire way to avoid an Atlanta SEO scam. 

If it sounds to good to be true then it probably is!