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ABM Webinar Series

Episode 2: Creating Engaging Assets for ABM

You’re invited to join us for a brief webinar discussing the creative assets in your next ABM campaign. It’s more important than ever to provide content—from podcasts to e-books—that’s not only engaging and dynamic, but also personalized and effective. While the sheer number of assets needed for ABM can be intimidating, we’re here to help you get started.
Join Jason McDaniel and Jonathan Berube of SEO My Business as they explain the following:
  1. The importance of creating assets for the right audience
  2. How your assets should evolve as the target moves down the funnel
  3. How to accurately measure success

How to Create an ABM Strategy in 5 Steps

At SEO My Business, we know a solid end-to-end ABM strategy, one that takes your marketing reports to the next level, entails five key stages:

  1. Define buyer personas in the purchasing committee
  2. Map buyer journey from awareness through evaluation
  3. Collaborate on engaging assets for each journey
  4. Unify messaging across all platforms and channels
  5. Track accounts as they engage with the campaign in order to push them down the funnel

Mapping the buyer’s journey is one of the most important parts of an ABM strategy. Without defining your buyer’s journey maps, you won’t be able to eectively nurture and engage each member of the buying group with the right content. Each buyer persona will be associated with dierent stages of the funnel, so you must identify who is consuming you’re messaging and which channel/asset will be most engaging.

In the beginning stage (awareness), you’ll use intent data to inform your decisions. As accounts moving down the funnel, you’ll measure engagement (did they or did they engage, was it effective) and adjust your content accordingly.

Collaborate on Engaging Assets for Each Journey

Assets, including copy and graphic design, are everything. They need to be tailored and hyper-focused for every account, on every platform, at every stage of the sales funnel.


Your targets will consume content in different ways, so multiple channels should be used for your ABM campaigns. This means a lot of companies understandably just don’t have the bandwidth or ABM, but this is where you can bring in a full-service ABM agency to handle everything from brainstorming content ideas to copywriting and graphic design.

Unify Messaging Across All Platforms and Channels

In order for an ABM campaign to succeed, there must be the unification of messaging across platforms and channels. Yes, it will change as the account moves through the funnel, but consistency is key.

Content marketing messaging should be in line with the message the account sees in marketing automation channels. The landing page messaging should align with the buyer persona message when the account reaches the consideration stage. In the final evaluation stage, there should be 1-to-1 messaging and design that includes the particular buyer persona’s pain points as well as graphic identifiers for the account—all while maintaining a consistent, trustworthy message.

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