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SEO My Business offers account based marketing services that target specific accounts or companies that fit your target demographic with content, messaging, and creative at specific levels of the sales funnel. Our Account Based Marketing techniques increase your company’s revenue year after year by dependably raising the overall quality of your client pool, allowing your business to get a greater return on a smaller amount of work. Our ABM specialists create campaigns structured specifically for your business, so that you can feel secure that your high-value targets will move steadily down the sales funnel and become sales-qualified leads.

Why Does Your Company Need an ABM Strategy?

ABM is a B2B marketing technique designed to nurture accounts involved in a complex and often very long sales cycle. This is done by identifying the content they consume on 3rd party sites as being relevant, or by advertising directly to the target accounts buying committee. We should all be familiar with standard inbound marketing methods like SEO, social media management, and blogging. These tactics are a great way to drive traffic towards your product and increase brand recognition, but they do so indiscriminately, meaning you have little control over who’s responding to the content you’ve created. ABM functions on a fundamentally different level than these conventional marketing tactics by only targeting the individuals qualified to make a business deal with you. If your business is looking to make deals with primarily midsize and enterprise-level clients, you need to open a channel to deal with them and their buying committee directly, and ABM is the industry-leading technique for creating that pathway.

Targeting only the
Key Decision Makers
at the companies you
want to do business
with, when they’re
Ready To Buy

How We Build Your ABM Strategy

We create a custom data stack that leverages data from third-party sites in conjunction with first-party engagement data, which tracks your target account’s position in the sales funnel and delivers content appropriate to their current level of engagement. This provides every member of your sales team with a detailed history of your target account’s engagement with your brand or service in an easily comprehensible format, giving them a clear direction on what to do to close that deal. With ABM campaigns, you’re not concerned with measuring conversions by the thousands. Instead, you’re tracking a handful of individuals per target account in a way that matters, using tools like reverse-IP and programmatic display to deliver branded content to that account across industry-relevant channels.

First-party and
Third-party Data
Position in
The Sales Funnel
Sales Team
Detailed History
Clear Direction
to Close the Deal

ABM has Industry-Leading ROI

Because ABM prioritizes target quality over quantity, each target account landed will be at the highest end of your ROI, but you won’t land those accounts without intentional content planning on our end. As a result ABM is well-known for being the single most cost-effective marketing technique, but it’s unrealistic to expect results right away. Our approach to ABM yields sales-qualified leads have the potential to carry your entire quarter, but some campaigns can last up to a year or more from the moment best-fit accounts are qualified, through the engagement and nurture process, until your sales team accepts them as a sales-qualified opportunity.

Why You Should Use Us For Your ABM Campaign

Our ABM techniques make your company more efficient. Our services allow your sales team to spend less time on cold calls, qualifications, and touchpoints, and more time focusing on higher-value tasks. At SEO My Business, we have the tools needed to supercharge your sales team and save your business time, money, and frustration.
ABM will not work without a strong brand presence and existing inbound marketing strategies already in place. Our ABM specialists are the only industry veterans in Atlanta with the understanding and experience needed to assess the current fitness of your brand identity and offer the solutions needed for your business to support an active and lucrative ABM campaign.
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