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Tangible Success
with ABM Efforts

An ABM Case Study

Finding Tangilbe Success
with ABM Efforts

From sluggish campaigns and an unclear ROI to efficiency, engagement, and SQOs within two months, this case study looks at quantifiable results account-based marketing had on a software solutions company headquartered in the Southeast.


of marketers are confident in their firm’s ability to execute ABM at of 1,000 accounts or more


of marketers say they struggle to create personalized experiences at the account and vertical level.


have automated the delivery of customized messaging, content and imagery to prospects.

Both the familiar and unfamiliar with ABM will learn how the company took their problem—not enough high-profile transactions and the potential to sell more software—and saw a 67% CTR increase and an additional 13% more page views while utilizing key strategies such as multi-channel campaigns, custom reporting, and modernized tracking.

Read more about the benefits of ABM by downloading this case study.
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