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If you google “ABM providers,” you’ll be hit with ads (because account-based marketing agencies know how to target), but you might also be overwhelmed by the options. After all, the size of the global ABM market is estimated to grow from $651.9 million in 2018 to $1,196.9 million by 2023. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of companies providing platforms and services to execute ABM campaigns.

What they don’t tell you, however, is what they don’t provide
(that we do).

You’ll routinely see Terminus pop up as one of the top ABM solution providers. While Terminus does provide a full-service ABM targeting strategy, their focus is on programmatic—digital display and LinkedIn Sponsored Content—and they don’t offer marketing automation within the tool. Terminus customers will need to use another platform, like Pardot, Hubspot, or Marketo, in order to marry their data with execution. So without product offerings for targeting via content marketing, social media, or paid search, you miss out on running a true ABM campaign, one that effectively surrounds potential clients with the right content at the right time in the right place in the sales funnel.

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is powered by AI and built on Salesforce. You’ll need to put in the extra work to combine Pardot with Salesforce Engage if you want to fully integrate your sales and marketing teams—a crucial layer of a successful ABM campaign. This platform is also very much focused on more: more leads, more deals, more revenue. At the heart of it, “more” sounds great, but a true ABM campaign deals directly with quality clients, versus quantity.


August 2020 Update: Terminus and Salesforce Pardot combined to create a fully integrated technology stack. This partnership leads to users being able to “automatically add target accounts to multi-channel advertising and engagement campaigns based on qualification data in Pardot.” If you already use Pardot or Terminus, this partnership creates more integrated capabilities, including bi-directional data sync, lead-to-account matching and data hygiene, plus timely sales, and customer success.


Marketo is pretty much synonymous with marketing automation in the B2B world. And if you already have a Marketo subscription, you can add on the ABM services package; the platform allows you to manage both lead generation and ABM clients within the same technology. Outside of marketing automation, however, Marketo can sometimes fall flat for a true end-to-end ABM strategy, as it focuses on “plug and play” ABM solutions. And as an experienced ABM agency, we know all ABM strategies should be customized by client and by account.


Marketing automation is to Marketo as intent data is to Bombora. As an ABM platform focused on data, Bombora has three main goals to achieve with its intent data tools: identify, reach, and engagement. But, like other ABM platforms, Bombora doesn’t have it all; it needs to be integrated with Marketo or Salesforce in order to activate the most precise targeting (fitting models, building target account lists), which, in turn, prioritizes accounts and customizes engagement.

Lattice Engines

Data is at the heart of the Lattice Engines ABM platform. The company’s AI-powered solution has the four key functions all ABM programs require: connecting intent data, segmenting audiences, activating campaigns, and measuring performance. The rest—the strategy building, asset creation, etc.—is up to your in-house team. One item to note is Lattice can work with both Marketo and Salesforce to target and prioritize high-value accounts.


Jabmo is one of the best options if you’re looking for a comprehensive ABM solution. Their creatives, analysts, and ad operations team members do everything from drive awareness of your company to build out creative ad sets to measure campaign performance. There’s just one hitch: If your team already loves your current dashboard, they’re out of luck. Jabmo lives on its own platform, which can’t be integrated into your native tools.

MRP Prelytix

A platform built with an option to be fully integrated or used a la carte, MRP Prelytix is extremely versatile. While not an end-to-end solution, it does provide automation, integration, and analytics in order to optimize several stages of the ABM process. If your company’s goals align with the MRP slogan, “purpose-built to drive measurable revenue impact,” and you don’t require any other marketing services, the Prelytix platform might work for your ABM needs.

Demandbase and Engagio

In June 2020, two B2B companies combined to form a larger full-stack ABM solution. While Demandbase is designed to help find, manage, and measure target account audiences, Engagio, as its name suggests, helps B2B companies measure engagement and insights. Demandbase acquired Engagio in order to create a “comprehensive ABM platform” that does the following: unifies data; plans, orchestrates, and measures success; runs omni channel campaigns; and utilizes easy-to-use technology. For now, both platforms are standalone, but you can choose to add products and services on a la carte.


6Sense is more of an ABM tool than an end-to-end platform. Focusing on truly understanding an account-based journey, the company promises “visibility into campaign responses and sales touches.” More granularly, 6sense captures intent signals from every possible source and connects it to prospect accounts. While you can’t run an ABM campaign without using intent data and actionable insight, it’s just one piece of the broader puzzle.


One of Tribilio’s biggest selling points is its flexibility—and its focus on running campaigns. That platform itself executes targeted display advertising, dynamic web personalization, and intent-driven sales plays. If you already have an ABM strategy and a team that includes graphic designers and copywriters, Tribulio might be the answer for you. If not, and you’re searching for an end-to-end ABM service, keep looking.


Simply put, Hubspot knows content. While content is one of the biggest parts of ABM, it isn’t everything. But for what Hubspot is missing, it can make up for in integration. Hubspot can integrate with tools you already work with—tools that provide the solutions they might not implicitly have: Triblio, Sigstr, to name a few. If you already have a Hubspot subscription, you can add on ABM features to start your first campaign. If you aren’t a Hubspot customer yet and you know you need a full-service solution, we suggest continuing your search.


All the ABM buzzwords are on the Zymplify website: insights, persona builder, templates, engagement, intent data, cross-channel, segmentation, reporting… But it’s still on your own marketing and creative team to build out the actual content that will be served to targeted accounts. Doable? Certainly. Do you always have the bandwidth for that? Maybe not.


How The ABM Agency Does Account-Based Marketing Better

The ABM Agency offers end-to-end account-based marketing services that target specific accounts or companies that fit your target demographic with content, messaging, and creative at specific levels of the sales funnel. The ABM techniques we utilize increase your company’s revenue year after year by dependably raising the overall quality of your client pool, allowing your business to get a greater return on a smaller amount of work.


Unlike ABM platforms, The ABM Agency team creates your account-based marketing strategy from ground zero, using the assets you already have and determining which ones will be needed for each stage of the funnel. We work with our clients to determine buyer personas and the ideal journey for each.

Our team even takes ABM one step further than targeting accounts:
Using first and third-party intent data, we create a list of initial accounts that are actively researching a topic in combination with an initial customer list, then track a target account’s position in the sales funnel and deliver content appropriate to their current level of engagement, job title, and industry.


Our ABM specialists create campaigns structured specifically for your business, so that you can feel secure that your high-value targets will move steadily down the sales funnel and become sales qualified leads. And no campaign is complete (or even doable) without creative assets. Our team is able to tell consumable, quality narratives through ads, infographics, blogs, e-books, case studies, and more—all expertly created in order to achieve success when it comes to engagement and conversion.


An effective ABM campaign is one in which the target is digitally surrounded by engaging, customized content—especially when they’re looking to make a purchase. Our team includes experts at every channel in the marketing stack: paid search, programmatic, social media (organic and paid), marketing automation, content marketing, and content syndication. Through these channels, they’re able to get your content in front of the right eyes while achieving the best possible ROI for your company.


ABM is an on-going strategy; your marketing team will need to engage with the target account several times before they’re defined as an SQL. As accounts engage with content, scores for specific accounts increase or decrease based on the following engagements: onsite interaction, content marketing interaction, campaign interaction, and CRM movement. This is what we call account scoring. Accounts with higher scores move down the funnel and are targeted more aggressively with direct sale related content to facilitate lower level actions (demo requests, RFP requests, etc.)


Reporting is more important than ever in ABM in order to keep the entire team on the same page. Everyone, from the account executives to the CEO, will want to see the results of the ABM efforts. What’s the ROI? How did the ABM strategy compare to the older lead generation model? Our team’s marketing automation platform allows for visibility in reporting. And, because ABM success doesn’t happen overnight, we’re able to visualize movement and results in real-time via our Domo/Tableau dashboard.

To find out more about account-based marketing and The ABM Agency, read our blog or download our e-book, The ABCs of ABM.
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