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The ABCs
of ABM

An Easy-to-Digest Guide to Account-Based Marketing

The ABCs of ABM brings this strategic marketing approach full-circle. In the following pages, you’ll find: a thorough understanding of account-based marketing, and why it’s being adopted across the sales industry; the confidence to start building out your own ABM strategies; as well as the best ways to optimize and measure the success of ABM. We’ll also introduce you to the ABM superhero squad—who utilize their superhuman powers to generate sales and conversions.

Written for those who want to brush up on their ABM techniques and terminology or for those just learning about its benefits, this e-book goes over everything ABM, from definition to execution and optimization.

73% of marketers plan to increase their ABM budgets in 2020.

97% of businesses using an ABM approach saw higher ROIs than with any other marketing strategy

(Research from the Altera Group)

“ABM is all about building relationships;
the ROI will follow.”

Andy Bacon, ABM Advisor
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