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SEO For Account-Based Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s the process of increasing a website’s rank on Search Engine Results Pages by increasing the website’s value from the perspective of that internet search service. This includes optimizing a website’s ability to be crawled by the search engine’s archiving tools, and increasing the website’s general authority by creating sophisticated content that’s designed for real readers.

How SEO Services Benefit Your ABM Campaign

The biggest obstacle in nurturing leads created through an Account Based Marketing Campaign is establishing trust. ABM Campaigns are well-known for producing sales-qualified leads that feel comfortable and familiar with your product, but the downside to long-term strategies like this is that the constant reappearance of your brand can become an annoyance, or start to feel unsettling.

Good SEO ensures that your ABM efforts are well-received. Over 50% of every buyer’s journey begins with a general search, and if your company doesn’t present well at the first look, there’s no chance you’ll be able to land high-profile partners and clients. Think of it this way— ABM is the tool that gets you the meeting of a lifetime, and good SEO is the difference between showing up to that meeting in a suit and tie versus shorts and flip-flops.

SEO Analytics For Tracking ABM Progress

Our team uses advanced software suites in order to track important metrics for your target accounts.

Click Through Rate
Page Views
Pages Per Session
Pages Indexed

Proper SEO is critical for engaging with your ABM targets and positioning them correctly in your sales funnel. Without a robust data tracking system, it’s impossible to deliver content that matches with their current level of engagement. Our SEO efforts produce a wealth of information that ensures your sales team knows exactly what to do with every ABM target currently moving down your sales funnel.

SEO For ABM and Client Retention

SEO is done by optimizing a website’s ability to be crawled by a search engine’s archiving tools and increasing the website’s general authority by creating quality content that’s designed to create real readers. These are the primary ways of appealing to big search engine companies like Google and increasing your website traffic overall, without the use of tools like paid advertising.

It’s always better to have an ABM target that’s closer to the end of your sales funnel, there’s no denying that. Just because you’ve landed a deal through ABM, doesn’t mean that your business has necessarily gotten the best deal with that particular client, or built the strongest business relationship possible. If you offer complex products or software for example, it might be likely that many of your clients will continue to search for additional resources that surround the product you’ve provided.

Adding keywords that surround training and optimization for your product will always go a long way in maximizing the ROI of your ABM Campaign.

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SEO My Business is a digital marketing agency headquartered in Atlanta with 25 years of marketing experience, and experience with marketing campaigns launched all over the world. We’ve managed hundreds of SEO campaigns, and we pride ourselves on delivering quality content alongside marketing tools that can decrease your total marketing spend, while simultaneously producing more sales-qualified leads for your business.

Using our strategies, we can guarantee that your company’s website will appear on the first page of Google, making your brand health and revenue increase as a result.

No matter what you’re selling, you don’t have to let the competition draw attention from your company. Using SEO My Business, your brand will always be everyone’s first option.

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