Atlanta Local SEO Gets Boost From Latest Google Algorithm Update

Google’s Hawk Update is Good News for Local Atlanta Businesses

Google’s latest algorithm “Hawk” is already soaring high and improving search results for local businesses. The update is intended to prevent similar companies with nearby addresses from dominating each other’s search results. But why would Google allow this to happen in the first place?

A Flawed Filter Prevented Small Businesses From Competing

In order to prevent businesses from creating multiple, identical listings, and thus controlling the search results, Google implemented a filter that would only show one listing of each business. Unfortunately, if two companies fell within the same industry and were on the same street, Google would mistake them for the same business. This filter has grown over time, becoming more detrimental to local businesses with each addition. Phone numbers and website URLs used to be the only criteria Google used when deciding if two companies were the same. Physical proximity was added when the Possum update made its way into the mix.

Small business owners can breathe a sigh of relief now that the Hawk update has made the much-needed adjustments to this filter.




Will This Fix Local SEO For Atlanta Small Businesses?

Like any technological update, Hawk has its imperfections. Even though it decreased the size of the geographic area that controls the filter, it did not completely eliminate it. Businesses that share a building or are approximately 50 feet away from one other are still being filtered out of Google’s local search results. However, the majority of small businesses have seen great improvement in their Local SEO due to the Hawk update.

Fun fact: Google chose the name “Hawk” for its latest update because hawks eats possums (the previous update was named Possum).

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