Does SEO Help Chiropractors Get New Business?

welcome-to-google-my-businessMany chiropractors in Atlanta have spent money on PPC in order to get new clients from Google, Yahoo and Bing however only a small percentage are willing to spend money on SEO to rank well in the organic results. Part of the reason is they don’t understand how search engine optimization actually works. This blog will have several weekly posts that are dedicated to helping a small business navigate the difficult universe of Local SEO.

Recently Google has had 2 updates that seem to be designed to make it even more difficult for small businesses to rank well on the search engine. First a so called quality update that has propelled many citation sites/directories in front of small business websites. We don’t really see how this is an improvement in the quality of search results but that’s just how Google works…

Additionally, a change to the Google My Business section or Map section has reduced the 7 pack down to just 3 results making that real estate even more valuable for those local businesses. Google My Business is becoming more and more competitive for Chiropractors and other small businesses that depend on visibility on Google to deliver new clients to them each week. To see how your Chiropractic office or other small business ranks in your local search results, visit our Local SEO Visibility site and try the Free tool.