How Email Marketers Can Take Advantage Of Halloween


The only thing scarier than the new “Halloween” remake is how much money you could be losing by not taking advantage of this holiday. Particularly for those in ecommerce, implementing a Halloween-themed email marketing campaign is a tremendous retail opportunity. Total spending for Halloween in the U.S. is expected to reach $9 billion this year; an average of $86.79 per person. With over 175 million people planning to celebrate in 2018, the consumer options are nearly endless.

Since 53% of Americans will be participating in frightful festivities this year, what is the best way to get your brand in front of them? Email! Email is most effective marketing channel for businesses. It has the greatest reach of any other paid channel because half of the world’s population (3.7 billion) has access to it. Among many other benefits, email marketing also has a massive ROI. For every $1 spent on emails, you can expect an average return of $32.

Since it is clear why Halloween and email marketing go hand in hand, it is important to understand how to effectively execute a campaign. See how your emails can boost company sales this spooky season.

Apply Boo-tiful Design

Everyone in the world of email marketing knows this fact: Visuals are vital. A poorly designed email is not going to interest anyone in what you’re offering. When designing your Halloween campaign, it is crucial to take extra time and consider what tone your target audience would respond to most. A popular theme targeted to children or young adults consists of cute vector graphics, bright colors or meaningful imagery; all of which send a heart-warming, non-spooky message. If your customers are mostly adults, perhaps you want a more spine-chilling tone with dark colors and creepy photos or GIFs. Whether you choose a fun, light-hearted or frightening design, be sure to include compelling copy and clear call-to-action buttons. Tip: Apply bright-colored text to a dark background for eye-popping effect. This is a common trend among email marketers during Halloween because it immediately draws people in. Here are some examples of successful Halloween emails from mailbakery.




Offer Halloween Discounts  

A flash sale or “free shipping on Halloween only”, are both great ways to boost sales on October 31st. It is the perfect day for a flash sale because it has a fun theme and a quick time limit. Create a special email campaign announcing the sale and use social media channels as well as your website to help promote the news. Be sure to include a promo code in the emails only, incentivizing people to become regular subscribers. Integrating social media into your email marketing strategy boasts huge benefits, and holidays are optimal times to utilize that cross-channel marketing.


Spook-tacular Subject Lines

As with any sort of campaign, if your subject line is no good, your email will not be opened. During Halloween, you definitely want to take advantage of the themed opportunities at your disposal. Emails with Halloween-themed subject lines are 5% more likely to be opened than those without them. It is the one time of year when corny is actually appreciated and expected, so feel free to get creative with the “FANGtastic” savings and “unBOOlievable” puns. Top keywords with high unique open rates include Zombie, Halloween and Trick or Treat.  As long as your subject lines are themed, compelling and highlight some sort of urgency or sale, your emails will receive a better open rate.

Some examples of successful subject lines from popular companies include:

DHgate: Halloween Madness – Deals Up to 90% Off

Target: 5$ off 30$ of Halloween stuff. BOOya!

Williams-Sonoma: Trick-or-Treat! 30% Off Halloween Tabletop, Candy, Bakeware & More

Entirely Pets: If You’ve Got it, Haunt it (with Free Shipping)

Timing is Everything

You may have breathtaking designs, amazing sales and witty subject lines, but none of that matters if your timing is off. So many email marketers think they can send one or two emails at the beginning of the month and then be done. Or, they will wait until the day of Halloween to send their first (and only) one. Of course, every campaign will be different depending on its segmentation data, so exact timing may vary with each target audience. This is why it is essential to always conduct thorough email marketing segmentation with tools such as Active Campaign or Constant Contact. To produce the best results, start sending your emails at the beginning of the month and continue sending them throughout October. This way you will catch the early-birds and the procrastinators. This chart from Moosend shows unique open rate is at its highest approximately a week before Halloween, which makes this window the most paramount of the month.



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