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As the leading internet marketing agency in Atlanta, we are passionate about generating lead results to increase your company’s ROI. Considering 90 percent of consumers still check their email on a daily basis, we take advantage of the opportunity to get your messages in front of mass audiences in a dependable, trackable manner. We understand the role lead nurturing plays in generating new sales and vow to use our advanced knowledge to cultivate these leads into real business.
At SEO My Business, we understand that simply getting a request for info or a phone call isn’t the same as a sale so we have created a turn key system that will nurture and track each and every lead all the way through the sales process.

Atlanta Email Marketing and Marketing Automation Deliverable List

Strategy Development

We will begin by developing an email marketing strategy that will determine who is the proper
target audience, what the overall message should be and when and how the emails will be sent.
Determining all of these factors will create the foundation for the campaign.

Email Design

We will design every aspect of the email, including the content, display and distribution,
according to your company’s audiences. We incorporate persuasive messages and supportive
images that help encourage customers to click on the email.

Email List Development and Maintenance

If your company does not already have an email list for its customers, or if you would like to add
to it, we will help grow your list using one of our many lead generating tactics. We will also
monitor the engagement of contacts on the list and update it accordingly if certain email
addresses are expired or being filtered into spam folders.

Drip Campaign Production

If we choose to utilize a marketing automation strategy for your email campaign, then we will
create and execute a “drip campaign.” Incorporating automation strategies into a campaign
allows us to schedule emails in advance that will distribute automatically, freeing up more time
for lead generation, ROI analysis and CRM practices.

CRM Integration

Our exclusive Customer Relationship Management program allows us to capture more leads
and turn them into loyal customers. We study and store the data gathered from one-on- one
interactions between your company and the customer in order to maximize sales satisfaction.

Campaign Reporting and Analysis

We will review and analyze the results of each campaign using our unique email marketing and
marketing automation programs. Tracking the number of subscribers, open-rates, click-through-
rates, and conversations is essential to determining whether or not a campaign was effective.
We also monitor any potential leads your company may have acquired through emails or phone
calls and ensure they are properly taken care of through our process of lead nurturing.