Frenik Hosts Great Days of Service Event

Frenik Marketing Group Brings Halloween Joy to Millions of SPARC Children

On Saturday, Oct. 28, community members and business leaders from across Gwinnett County and the greater Atlanta area will be participating in Great Days of Service. Frenik Marketing Group is hosting this event from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in order to enhance the lives of millions of children attending The Single Parents Alliance and Resource Center (SPARC). The event will be held at SPARC’s location on 100 Castor Drive in Norcross, Georgia.

Renovated facilities, updated school supplies and fun Halloween activities are a few of the much-needed services volunteers will be providing to the children at the event. Deep cleaning and fresh coats of paint on the walls will give the center a meaningfully rehabilitated look. “Spooktacular” entertainment such as pumpkin carving and face painting will also be offered to celebrate the upcoming holiday.  

A few of the local companies who will be volunteering include: SEO My Business, Consumer Media and Schneider Hammers. Frenik Marketing Group was flattered to be chosen as the host and sponsor for the event.

SPARC is a non-profit organization founded in Gwinnett County in 2001. These dedicated people work tirelessly to provide education, health and happiness to underprivileged children of single-parent homes. The Great Days of Service event is only one of the many programs SPARC has implemented to create a welcoming environment for its kids, and every volunteer makes a difference.


The Single Parent Alliance & Resource Center (SPARC) was incorporated as a community-based, non-profit agency in 2001. Since its inception, it has worked diligently to improve the lives of single-parent families in its community of Gwinnett County, Georgia. SPARC is dedicated to supporting single parents in their efforts to raise happy, healthy, well adjusted, successful children. For more information, visit SPARC’s website: