Google Places changes and whats in it for you

Over the last few days Google has rolled out even more significant changes to it’s Organic SERP. First lets talk about Google’s changes for the supposed privacy of it’s logged in users. To protect the “privacy” of anyone logged in to a Google account, they will no longer show webmasters the search query info in analytics, Google or otherwise. Just how this creates a more private internet experience is anyones guess…

Next they once again changed Local Search with a new look for the map section and Google Places results display. The two big changes there are the map oriented horizontally instead of vertically, which now pushes right side paid ads below the fold, and the removal of ALL third party review info from Google Places listings. That’s right, you knew it was coming sooner or later, all those “reviews” from the third party sites like dealerrater, citysearch, yelp or kudzu will no longer be attached to your GP page at all.

Next up they have just refreshed the algorithim for natural results again!

This change is a little more complex and likely harder to track in the short term but it will try to determine if a user wants more current results or if they want more seasoned results. According to Google this new change will impact 35% of the results we see. That’s right, 35 freakin %!!!

As an aside, we are predicting the END of traditional SEO. I know, it has been predicted many times in the past and has yet to come to pass but look at the new evidence. Removal of important data from analytics about how people are getting to your site is HUGE and in some cases I have seen 50-75% of search querries blocked. Then, a more persanolized change to the SERP’s that will impact 35% of results Google shows.