Here’s How to Make Working from Home Work for You

Teleworking legislative ques from state and federal government officials have forced employers to rethink their office space. Employers are drinking from the Work-From-Home (WFH) firehose. Is your WFH system as efficient as your employer expects?

Instead of pivoting, trying baking yourself into a new groove. Easier said than done, huh? Not to worry. Your friends at SEO My Business have pro tips on how we’re adjusting.

Workspace Etiquette

Set the tone for your workday with a solid space. Earlier in March, April and possibly even May, your WFH space may have taken on many different forms.

If the kitchen table, coffee area or a spare comfy chair works best, stick it out.

Adriaan, our Senior Ad Operations Analyst, is more of a visual person. He likes to use the walls around his desk nook to keep track of daily projects.

“If you are working on a complex project or have a long to-do list, use a dry erase board to break down your tasks into manageable chunks. This gives you space to organize your thoughts and you’ll get a break from looking at the computer screen,” Adriaan specified.

There’s nothing better than slowly wiping the board clean as you complete important tasks – Adriaan

Try setting up a designated workspace that is separate from your leisure space, if you have access to a desk, try to place it in a neutral place in the home where you won’t be tempted by distraction. Choose a comfortable corner.

Look into eliminating distractions when possible. Test out your productivity with and without music. Our PR, Content Manager, Hannah, puts our office in a great mood with this spa playlist and has continued the tradition since working remotely.

Our UX/UI Designer, Ji, is all about maximizing productivity. Ji enjoys peace and quiet. He set up his desk in his living room to make sure both the workspace and living room stayed tidy. Ji compartmentalized his UX/UI tasks to his desk space. He advised not to use the couch for laptop work unless it’s a routine you’ll stick to each day.

Creativity and Well-Being

Our team encourages daily walks. This allows you to get some time outside to soak up some sunshine, and it also keeps you more active.

Ryan, one of our Content Writers, tends to his indoor plants. He enjoys beautiful, small indoor plants that require a lot of attention and care. Ryan has about 8 feet of a new muscadine vine that has been growing since the beginning of March.

Hannah asserts that spending some time outside every day is the key to success while working from home, and the science agrees. Outdoors time has been linked to mood boosts and drops in anxiety levels. While it can be difficult to balance working from home, family life, and the stress of the news, small breaks can help to renew and refresh your mindset.

For marketing professionals, creative solutions are essential to successful campaigns. -Ashlyn

Jason, our Senior Digital Ad Operations Manager, and Ashlyn, one of our Content Creators, enjoys doing morning yoga with their dogs. Jason’s dog, August, helps inspire him to stay active. They both have their own yoga mats!

Vincent, President of SEO My Business, spends time outdoors with his loved ones before dinnertime. After hours of digital communication, Vincent recommends detoxing from screen time outside. Add in family for a little more togetherness.

WFH and In-Office Transition

Is your business putting together a plan for transitioning back into the office? Here are a few things Fortune 500 Companies around Atlanta are implementing.

  • Heightening cleanliness and disinfect as a validation point so team members know we’re keeping the workplace clean
  • Sanitizer near elevators, building exit doors and in front of meeting rooms.
  • Providing bottled water instead of water fountain stations.
  • Offering reusable masks.
  • Disabling meeting rooms, virtual calls/meetings only.
  • Informal or scheduled meetings must have participants 6+ feet apart.
  • Restrooms allow 1-2 persons max at any given time.
  • Allowing 50-60% of employees to continue their WFH schedule.

Finding the Right Routine for You

Your family, partner, or roommates are likely not operating on the same schedule. Request certain quiet hours and try to match them up with what they need for their work or school schedule.

Lydia, our Digital Marketing Project Manager, values preparing ahead of time for  school, work and after-hours activities. Creating a schedule that works for both her work and her daughter’s schooling, and incorporating frequent walks with their dog for a much-needed break. Coordinating scheduling ahead of time, as Lydia recommends, can help you stick to a more regular routine.

Ryan shares his home space with a loved-one. In their home, Ryan has set hours with flexible jogging and meal-prepping breaks. Artificial lighting is something they try to limit to 6 hours per sitting each day.

Our Favorite WFH Essentials

  • Water makes a difference. Adriaan, suggests keeping a water bottle near your workspace.
  • Jumpstart your day with coffee. Lydia swears by her Nespresso.
  • Ryan recommends more indoor plants for better air quality and peace of mind. Friendly reminder to check the soil on your plants! When Ryan isn’t tending to his plants, you’ll catch him using his favorite pair of headphones listening to music while working.
  • Ashlyn always has her favorite writing utensil. The smooth ink makes notetaking and brainstorming a breeze.
  • Jason said he can’t function without a quiet mouse. He’s even convinced Hannah to use the same mouse. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

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