Holiday Tips for Your Social Media Feed

The holidays are the biggest time of the year for shopping. Everyone is buying gifts for their loved ones, and even indulging themselves. This rush has fostered a culture of extreme saturation when it comes to sales and marketing surrounding the holidays. No one can avoid the extreme quantity of ads and promotional material, so how do you make your business stand out in the crowd?


Social media is one of the most effective tools that you can use to boost brand awareness and sales for your business. It’s transformed from a strictly personal platform into a professional marketing tool that is immensely effective at targeting and engaging your audience and potential client pool. While you might be pretty savvy on social media during the rest of the year, going a step further during the holidays can boost sales during this extremely profitable period. Tailoring your social feeds seasonally can add a personable and fun touch to your brand, so here are our favorite tips on how to add some holiday spirit to your social media feed.


Develop a Frequent Schedule


One of the best ways to build a profitable social media presence is to stay consistent with your feed posting, and this is especially true during the holidays. Since social feeds are so congested during this time of the year, frequent posts are the key to staying present. Get in front of the busiest shopping days of the year by reminding everyone of your business when they are buying those last-minute gifts. In fact, all of the best shopping days of the year are concentrated around the holiday season, so get out there and get in the game!


Frequent posting can allow your brand to be a resource to your clientele. You can show a wider variety of products and services with consistent posts, thus showing your audience a vast range. Consider the size and scope of your end-of-year marketing plan and develop a posting schedule that reflects the ambition of this plan.


Try Out Polls and Surveys


Polls and Surveys through social media are a great way to drive more engagement from your followers. The holidays are a great opportunity to try them out, as this time of year offers a lot of fun topics. Make jazzy holiday themed polls for your Instagram story, or an insightful survey for your Facebook feed. The results of the survey can also tell you a lot about your audience. You can find out integral facts about what type of content, products, and aesthetics they like and respond to the strongest through simple, unassuming questions! You can figure out whether your clientele prefers hot chocolate or warm apple cider on an Instagram story poll and pick the winner to serve in your shop for holiday shoppers! While this is a small-scale example, the same philosophy can be used in creative ways to get to know your audience more intimately. You can cleverly tailor your feed and marketing strategies based on their responses to your prompts and questions.


Incorporate Holiday Visuals


Fun holiday colors and wintery graphics are always good ways to add some Christmas cheer to your social media presence. If you’re playing on the Christmas angle, try reds, greens, and fun Santa Claus graphics to get your viewers in the holiday spirit. For a more generic approach, wintery aesthetics such as blues, whites, and snow imagery can also be fun and festive!


Advertise Promotions


If your company is doing holiday specials or sales, social media is the best way to get the word out to your potential customer pool! Getting your promotional material on their screen will not only inform them of the offer but entice them to shop. During the holiday season, almost every business is offering great sales and deals, so make your company stand out by creating eye catching content that draws them in further. Everyone likes getting a good deal, especially around the holidays, so make your offer seem enticing with a perfectly curated social feed showcasing your company’s worth.


Reward Your Loyal Followers


Special incentives will attract people to your profiles and sites. Gaining more followers can directly translate to gaining a larger clientele and offering incentives for following your business can encourage growth in that aspect. Offer a special promo, discount code, a giveaway, or other incentives to your followers to not only make your current followers feel appreciated, but also attract more of them in the process.


Keeping the Holiday Spirit in Check


While you want to be active and engaging during this busy shopping season, you never want to be dismissed as spam or viewed as aggressive or annoying. To avoid this, consider your strategy in a thoughtful and individualized way to make your content and pitch stand out against a sea of tacky holiday promotions. Tailor holiday marketing to your brand in the same way you do throughout the year to keep your message consistent. While you can definitely get a little festive and funky, you don’t necessarily have to abandon the image you worked hard all year to curate.


If you’re looking for a little assistance with your social media marketing or paid social media campaigns, our experts would be more than happy to help!