How to Combine Your SEO Strategy With Your ABM Plan

At SEO My Business, we’ve always been vocal about the importance of creating a marketing infrastructure that’s healthy across all channels so that you can get the best return. SEO is often considered the starting point of marketing, and it’s a technique that many small businesses feel like they can tackle on their own. For many businesses, that’s absolutely true as well. However, not all SEO is created equal. The money that you have to spend, and how you spend it, not only changes how much traffic your website brings in, but also what kind of traffic you’re maximizing.

Your attempts to make a sale can be an equally active part in driving customers away, as it is in creating new business relationships.

If your company is getting started with Account Based Marketing, or has an existing ABM campaign, it’s important to make sure you understand the ins and outs of ABM— that’s a given. Equally important, perhaps even more important, is understanding whether your current plan for SEO is robust enough to support a healthy ABM campaign. Furthermore, if your ABM campaign isn’t yielding the sky-high ROI that you’ve been expecting, your SEO strategies are one of the first places you should look for spending leaks.

Ok, But, Why Is SEO So Important for ABM?

For starters, more than 50% of buyer’s journeys start with an online search. There are plenty of reasons why SEO and ABM are perfect for each other, but this is the first one. Think of ABM like an invitation. The main goal of ABM campaigns is to slowly familiarize a target account with your brand, create trust, and then finally make a sale. More often than not, this will happen at the same starting point for most businesses. If your prospective client is aware of your product, it’s not always likely that they’ll feel ready for a business interaction right off the bat. That’s where an invitation comes in. ABM ensures that your target knows who you are and what you offer— but what if they don’t end up liking any of those things?

This is the harsh reality of modern online marketing. Good marketers should come to terms with the fact that your messaging, your content, your attempts to make a sale can be an equally active part in driving customers away, as it is in creating new business relationships. This is a possibility, not could beis. Proficient marketers need to address that reality head on, and ask some questions out loud when it comes to ABM, and one of the most important questions is:

What are our chances that this client will like who we are, and what we do?

If you’re not happy about your chances, your brand is not ready for an ABM campaign. That doesn’t mean it can’t be, of course. SEO is one of the most direct and effective means of fortifying your brand perception, and appearing like a viable business partner for more clients. If ABM is the invitation, SEO is your doorstep, and no matter what promises you’ve made already, no one’s going to trust those if your doorstep looks more like the entrance to a Stephen King novel than a place that can deliver on those promises.

In Short, SEO Makes You Look Legit

The main directive of launching an ABM campaign is always to find a new way to access higher quality clients than you’re currently getting from other marketing tactics. For most businesses, this means doing business with larger companies, on average. Medium, large, and enterprise-level clients generally don’t have an incentive to use smaller businesses for their fulfillment needs, and there’s usually an uphill battle to convince those organizations to do business with you when that is the case. SEO is all about convincing your targets that you’re not just one option for the product that they’re looking for, you’re the best option.

Our experts have written tons and tons of content on SEO, and SEO My Business offers SEO services specifically for ABM campaigns. If you’re looking for information on how to build an SEO strategy strong enough to support ABM, make sure to check our service page here.

After your SEO infrastructure is brought up to snuff, you’ll find not only that your ABM ROI increases, but also that there’s huge opportunity to improve your ABM campaign based on your SEO tools.

SEO and ABM Work Together

SEO is critical for tracking your metrics. This is where the combining happens between SEO and ABM, and where understanding how to leverage one technique for the other is essential. Using SEO, you can get critical data for maintaining your ABM content and methods of syndication, so that your return on investment can continue to increase month after month. Here’s how:

1. SEO tells you what your targets want

By tracking search phrases, you can see what your targets are searching for, and which of your competitors are beating you out on particular terms.

2. SEO keeps you updated on how your targets are responding

Tracking Impressions related to search position can be a great indicator of what your ABM targets will experience if they look for your business via organic search. If your organic traffic is bouncing off your landing pages, it’s critical that you shore up those weak points, because those are weak points in your ABM funnel also. 

3. SEO can expand your outreach to new targets

Tracking who spends time on your website can be a great indicator of who you should be targeting. It’s not overwhelmingly common that ABM targets are added from IP’s that land on your website alone, but you bet that it’s worth keeping track when high level executives find themselves on your website.

You Can Do It All, But You Don’t Have To

We have an upcoming blog that will outline how ABM can be done, and done well, by small and medium level businesses. Part of that picture is building robust SEO strategies, and to make a long story short, you probably can’t do ABM without mastering SEO first. If you have questions about how to implement an effective SEO strategy, read our blog or reach out to us for a consultation. If you’re interested in an end-to-end ABM solution, contact us today!