How to Tailor Content to Fit Your ABM Strategy

Is your business thinking about switching to an ABM based strategy? ABM is the new direction for many industries. If you didn’t already know, ABM stands for Account-Based Marketing, and it’s become increasingly popular in recent years. Over 60% of businesses plan to launch an ABM campaign within the next year. If your company falls into this percentage, you might be wondering what this switch will mean for your content. This marketing strategy will change the way that you create content for your business. Here are our best tips on how to tailor content to your ABM strategy.

Content Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

ABM content is meant to target individuals that could be leads for your sales team. Because it is so specifically targeted, it is important that your content is effective in order to capture the attention and business of these individuals. The content that you produce is a direct link between you and your target individual, so effective content can improve the results of your strategy and boost your ROI. Content plays a significant role in lead generation by responding to specific inquiries. Your content is often the spark that sets the rest of the process into motion so that your sales team can nurture those leads.

Be Diligent With Your Research

Being diligent is one of the best ways to create effective content with an ABM approach. The detailed nature of ABM strategies insists that you pay close attention to the desires of your target. Because this approach is so specified, you will have to tailor your content more so than with traditional marketing strategies – you have to know what your target is looking for. This might involve independent research about keyword popularity and other SEO methods, or it might include research about the individuals themselves that you’re catering to determine their quality as a target.

Personalize Your Content

After doing your research, you should have a better understanding of what it’ll take to win over your targeted accounts. When you find out what type of content your targets are looking for, you can create that type of content to capture their attention. Personalizing your content streamlines the process of acquiring customers. In fact, some data asserts that personalization can reduce acquisition costs by up to 50 percent, while also increasing revenue up to 15 percent. Many traditional marketing methods might have conditioned you to cast a wide net with your content, but for ABM, the more personalized the content is, the better.

Marketing and Sales Collaboration Made Easy

Tailoring content to your ABM strategy doesn’t have to be a solo sport, you can make it collaborative. Your sales team likely has valuable insight that can help you make more valuable content. They can help you produce more effective results, which in return, helps increase their sales. They carry the leads to fruition, so they know what type of content provides results. By receiving their input, you can form a more well-rounded idea of your goals and plans as a unit. If the sales team and the content team are not on the same page, it’s going to slow down the sales funnel. Working together will be the key to sustaining your flow of leads.

Perform a Content Audit

In the end, it’s all about performance and results. Some content is just going to deliver better results, and the important thing is that you critically analyze why and how content is or is not delivering the results that you want. Perform frequent audits of content performance and determine your top performers and your least effective pieces of content. This might include consulting with your sales team once again to determine which pieces of content were influential in providing tangible results. 

Next, try to determine why you think they were or were not successful. This might include looking at traffic to a page, looking at engagement with a post or ad, or calculating how many leads were generated from a piece of content. When you find what is working well, run with it. Don’t waste your time on ideas and content that aren’t paying off for you. Reflecting on previous content is a great way to maximize your ROI going forward.

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