Internet Marketing Marietta

Internet Marketing in Marietta has become the focus for many small businesses in 2010. Recently a Plumber in the Marietta area showed me his ROI spreadsheet from 2009 that showed incredible evidence that Online Advertising is the most cost effective measure to acquire new customers. His spend on yellowpages for the year was $456,00 with a return of $987,000 in gross sales compared with $62,000 in Search Engine Marketing spend and a return of $1,228,000 in gross sales.

The key for plumbers, roofing contractors and lawyers in Marietta is to hire the most experienced Internet Marketing company who employs certified Search Engine Marketing consultants. Many companies hire advertising sales people who have little if any certifications from Google, Yahoo, Bing or SEMPO. SEO, PPC, Link Building, Mobile Advertising and Social Media are all areas that require certain expertise if they are to be monetized. Link Building in particular is a very complicated industry that uses elements of Social Media to provide quick, effective and long lasting Search Results in the organic area on Google and Bing.