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The ABM Superpower of Marketing Automation

The secret to the success of ABM lies in its superpowers—characteristics of the marketing strategy that successfully and efficiently open channels to directly deal with primarily midsize through enterprise-level clients and their buying committees.

Marketing automation, one of the most crucial aspects of ABM, is about streamlining marketing activities—having all of your data, contacts, campaigns, and engagement in one place—and reaching more qualified accounts with the right content.


It has the ability to combine the forces of all marketing and sales team efforts, ensuring all energy is maximized within a tight knit, cohesive, efficient ABM strategy, with no accounts left behind.

On a more individual level, marketing automation within an ABM strategy has three key functions:

  1. Tracks individual moments of engagement within your marketing
  2. Leverages that engagement data to help fuel the customer or account’s journey
  3. Provides full visibility of your marketing efforts’ effects on your company’s bottom lines
SEO my Business ABM Super Heroes


Peanut butter and jelly, marketing automation and CRM—two iconic duos who shine when aligned with their partner. SEO My Business provides our clients with our marketing automation platform and exclusive customer relationship management (CRM) system to generate more leads, quicken an account’s journey through the sales funnel, turn them into loyal customers, and showcase the results of your ABM efforts.

When working together, our CRM and marketing automation platform provide the following:


There’s no need for your sales team to hover around the marketing corner of the office, eagerly awaiting ABM results and the go-ahead to reach out. Marketing automation tracks account activity throughout the funnel, providing key information and data points your marketers can share with sales along the way.

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SEO My Business offers the tools required to automate a large portion of your marketing campaigns, ensuring content and information is delivered to your qualified leads efficiently and in a timely manner. Sure, there are a number of marketing automation tools out there, for say, email, but our automation strategy takes it to the next level. Every content element is custom-tailored to match a prospective client’s job title, industry, and position in the sales funnel. From there, we integrate turnkey solutions that deliver content in response to the intent data we’ve collected.

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Each lead marketing passes on to sales can be tracked. You can see when accounts were closed and exactly how much revenue was generated from the sale. Our team’s reporting process includes reviewing and analyzing the results of each campaign using our unique email marketing and marketing automation programs. Tracking the number of subscribers, open-rates, click-through-rates, and conversations is essential to determining whether or not a campaign was effective. We also monitor any potential leads your company may have acquired through emails or phone calls and ensure they are properly taken care of through our process of lead nurturing.

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You may be familiar with common marketing automation tools for ABM, including Marketo, Hubspot, and Pardot. SEO My Business, however, functions as both a partner and a tool in the marketing automation space. We utilize a host of automated marketing techniques that affect everything from tracking to syndication and reporting, so you can keep using the CRM and marketing tools that fit your business model best.
Our systems can integrate with the system you already have in place. And with marketing automation, you’ll lower your personnel costs and raise the quality of work your sales and marketing team produce.

Our automation services are guaranteed to save you time, money, and frustration in the ABM process.


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