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After your site structure and content, Link Building is the most important component of Search Engine Optimization. We’re talking the important kind of link building not “200 links for $50” offers you may get every week via email. These are the links coming from “trusted” sites, relevant to the copy on your page and they are not easy to come by. 4 or 5 of these links can lift your site from page 6 to page 1 in a few weeks.

Expert Link Building in Atlanta provides two benefits; First is obviously direct traffic to your website from that link. The secondary benefit of proper linking techniques is it shows the Search Engines you have content relating to the text link they are crawling. The more continuity you have between your Website Structure, Titles and Descriptions, Website Content and Text Links the more relevant your site appears for that “keyword”. Social Media is much more than a profile on Facebook and a few Tweets per day from Twitter; it’s how Search Engine Spiders find fresh content just published on the web.

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