Local SEO Services Atlanta

Local SEO Atlanta isn’t a reference to an Atlanta Search Engine Optimization company’s location; it’s an industry term that means Organic Search Results with local geographic terms. In the past Atlanta Roofers, Atlanta Painters, Atlanta Garage Door Companies and Atlanta Lawyers would pay for advertising in the local telephone directory to attract new customers in their geographic service territory. Often they would have to “buy” at least a full page of advertising in many metro area phone books to cover all of Atlanta, spending $5000 and more per month.

Atlanta Search Engine Marketing has changed that business model for good and now Atlanta small business owners have many less expensive options that deliver better ROI. Atlanta Local SEO services can help a roofing contractors website show up for 50-100 unique search terms in the geographic area they do business for 10-20% of what was necessary in print directories. Below are a few Internet Marketing techniques a small business can use to compete in the new Atlanta Local SEO arena.

Google Local Listings
Google provides free map listings for local businesses to use for people that search using a geographic term. Local SEO Companies can help you to develop a comprehensive strategy for this type of advertising as it is keyword driven and should be monitored and updated frequently.

Google AdWords
While this wouldn’t fall under the heading of Atlanta Search Engine Optimization, PPC as it is usually referred to, can help your business show up in the sponsored links area. You can choose the geographic area that your ads will show in as well as keyword match type, maximum cost per click you are willing to pay and devices you want to show your ads. Atlanta PPC Consultants can help you properly set up your Pay Per Click campaign and continue to refine your settings and keywords for best results.

Local SEO
The practice of optimizing your website to compete in Google’s Organic Search Results is an important goal for many Atlanta small business owners this year. SEO is important as 84% of search engine users prefer to click on links in the “organic” section. Local SEO is easier than traditional SEO because the addition of geographic search terms make the search phrase less competitive. For example, if you search for “new roof installation” on Google you will get 1,480,000 pages indexed compared with the search phrase “new roof installation marietta” has 64,400 pages indexed. The less competitive a search phrase is, the easier and quicker you can SEO your site for that phrase. SEO is part art and part science with a fair amount of expertise needed to be successful and get the results you want. Some other tactics like Social Media SEO can help speed up your sites inclusion in the organic section but these practices usually require professional Link Building Services.

Local SEO in Atlanta can be time consuming and require resource you didn’t plan on for the year but when done right will provide your company with a lead generation source that no other form of media can touch for ROI.