Local SEO Tips For Atlanta Small Business Owners

3 Tips Guaranteed To Boost Organic Rank Of Your Atlanta Area Business

I meet with hundreds of Atlanta area small businesses each year and about 50% of those companies can improve their local SEO with 3 hours each month of basic internet marketing. The biggest issues I see are usually websites and Google My Business listings that are not optimized or missing basic information. In this article I’m going to cover a few things you can do as the business owner or marketing person to improve the local SEO and visibility of your Atlanta business.

Make Sure To Create Unique Titles & Descriptions On EVERY Web Page.  Every page on your website can be indexed by Google for unique keywords besides just the name of your business so why not leverage that to your advantage?

Use Keywords & Geography In The Name Of Your Google My Business Listing. This one is a well kept secret in the local SEO world and has become a weapon in competing for those coveted top 3 spots in Google’s map section. I’ve used this to rank in some ultra competitive industries like personal injury and garage door repair.

Install And Monitor Keyword Data From Webmaster Tools Search Analytics. This is the ONLY place you can find keyword information at a local granular level that includes clicks, impressions and average rank of your site. If you wan’t to know which keywords are worth working on this is the place for that information.

I’m going to stop here for now but these 3 tips will dramatically improve the organic visibility of your Atlanta area business in about 1 week. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, feel free to contact us about handling your local SEO.