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SEO My Business delivers the very best multi location or franchise digital marketing products.

Multi Location Digital Marketing Experts

Multi location & franchise business digital marketing requires experts who can manage location based PPC campaigns, multiple GMB pages, landing pages, social media accounts and pr for 10-500 unique locations. Without the ability to scale management of these internet marketing pieces and report on the success for multiple locations you are left overwhelmed and under performing. SEO My Business has the ability to target each specific geography including city, zip and geofenced areas to deliver quantifiable lift in sales and ROI at the store level. Whether you’re looking to win over your competitors’ customers or find untapped segments that share key attributes with your existing or ideal customer persona, SEO My Business helps you target and covert your future customers.

Multi Location PPC Management That Drives Sales & Engagement

If you’re like so many business owners out there, advertising your business online can feel like a
confusing and even overwhelming task when you have multiple operating locations. But creating
effective content and advertisements for different stores doesn’t have to be a complicated
process. At SEO My Business, we have over 12 years of experience working with Pay Per Click
(PPC) advertising in the Atlanta area.
Multi-locational PPC is fairly simple. We start by determining a list of “keywords” relevant to
each business location and the services you provide. For example, if you own a chain of dog
grooming businesses, some keyword phrases might include “Midtown pet grooming” or “East
Lake dog services.” You’ll need personalized and unique campaigns specific to that store
location. Each of your locations may even offer different specials, services, sales and more.
This is exactly why multi-locational PPC is crucial! SEO My Business is here to help.
Advertisements for your franchise business featuring localized search phrases are given a daily
budget. Each searcher’s “click” on your advertisement costs you a fraction of that budget. This
is where the term “pay per click” originates. Each click drives traffic to your site that translates
into sales and profit for your business. Google Adwords is the most universal platform used for
creating PPC campaigns. PPC campaigns are a vital tool for a franchise or business that holds
multiple locations.
Our goal is to earn your business the attention it deserves through quality content and a
strategized marketing campaign. Our experts have experience working with almost every
industry: restaurants, healthcare, urgent care, franchises, staffing, ECommerce, education, home
services, IT, industrial & manufacturing, and more. As a top provider of SEO marketing services in
Atlanta, Georgia, our experts have a multifaceted grasp on the steps required for effective internet
marketing. With SEO My Business, you can track your campaign’s progress so you’re never out of
the loop.

Multi Location SEO That Delivers Measurable ROI

SEO My Business distinguishes itself by converting Google rankings into actual phone calls, online
interactions and online sales. While it’s common for SEO companies to promise keyword indexing,
you’ll have a tougher time finding a company that goes the extra mile. Our goal at SEO My Business
is to deliver real performance for your business versus a surface level service for your multi-location
business or franchise.
You might be wondering how we approach this from a multi-location perspective. We use several
strategies including link building, unique landing pages, press releases, and geographic keywords to
achieve local SEO. To send real customers to each individual store location, you need your site to
reach people in specific areas who are looking for those services rather than just generalized
website traffic. We’ll stay on top of the number of calls you receive, your online traffic to each
location, and more. At SEO My Business, we like to stand out through hands-on commitment to
seeing your success all the way through.

One way to do this is through landing pages. For example, creating a landing page with a title tag in
your HTML featuring “Charleston” and “Atlanta” will rank that landing page on Google when people
search for a good or service in that area. For example, if you have dog walking locations in
Charleston you’ll create a page on your site such as:
From there, the content on this page can be optimized with keywords that describe exactly what you
offer at that location. Important details like sales, coupons, personalized images and more are all
relevant. Other important ways that we optimize the page include headings, image captions, and
image file names. At SEO My Business, we have extensive experience with all methods of search
engine optimization.

Multi Location Social Media Management That Scales

While our focus is SEO services, we also have in-house experts that understand the nuances of PR
and Social Media advertising! At SEO My Business, we understand that you may have different PR
goals for your separate business locations. It’s integral to channel your PR efforts skillfully towards
different audiences in different geographic locations, even if your franchises are within the same
state or city. Facebook ad campaigns are one way to draw users online to interact with content that
is important to your specific franchise or location.
One important way to drive a social media campaign for a multi-location business is adjusting your
audiences according to each location. Facebook Ad manager allows you to do this easily. For
example, on Facebook women make up a much larger demographic than men, and people between
the ages of 18 and 29 dominate the platform. It’s important to emphasize them when trying to reach
customers in the area of your franchise. Social media lends your franchise a unique, local
perspective that your customers or clients can interact with. Because SEO My Business can offer a
comprehensive range of services including both Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, your
campaigns will be more cohesive and effective.

Public Relations Strategies For Multi Location Businesses

For multi-locational businesses or franchises, PR campaigns can be an integral part of the process.
When new locations are opened, we’ll include a press release page detailing the opening, as well as
a landing page on the site for that location as discussed above. PR releases not only get the word
out, but also provide an opportunity to include more keywords on your site. Google also prefers the
freshest content, so the more often you can introduce new content to your site the better.
Press releases can be shared on paid promotional sites for news, and more. We’ll pitch your release
to relevant news outlets and magazines online to help build links back to your site and even better,
your franchise’s landing page. Pitching requires careful drafting and research to determine the best
outlets to showcase your franchise’s press release. This lengthy but rewarding process is off your
hands and in ours. We’ll make sure your coverage is optimized to its full potential for your franchise or multi-location business. PR is a fantastic way to draw attention to your business franchise online in a consistent manner. Press releases can span a variety of topics, and can be utilized regularly depending on the regional specifics of each franchise location.

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