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Multi Location PPC Campaigns Are Different

When your business has locations all over the country or even the world, a localized strategy is key to getting your business the online traffic it deserves. This can present a challenge when it comes to multi location paid search campaigns, or PPC campaigns. It can be daunting for a franchise digital marketing department, given the wide array of factors that go into a well-built Paid search campaign, but before you dive into building your multi location PPC campaigns consider the following basics.

Multi Location Franchise PPC

Costs & Budget Management Options

When you work with Google Adwords, you can choose automated payments, invoicing or manual payments. The easiest option for you might depend on how many locations your business has. For instance, manual payment could be strenuous if you have many locations.

Remember your priorities. Are you trying to drive more business to one location than another?  Or does it make more sense to evenly spread your ad budget between locations? It might be beneficial in a large scale case like that to combine these accounts onto a single invoice. The size and structure of your business are at play when you decide how you’ll want to be billed for Adwords.

For example, If you have a few locations in the Southeast with similar needs that would benefit from a grouped budget, you can apply one shared budget to the locations you choose under one account. However, if you select this option, your budget won’t necessarily be automatically allocated evenly, which could present a problem. If one location exhausts the majority of your budget through a high click volume, it could leave other locations without a fair share of budget remaining. For example, a location in Atlanta will exhaust a larger budget more quickly than a location in a smaller suburb..

In a case like that, your business locations probably have budget allocation needs unique to each location. Some franchises may require larger or smaller budgets for different keywords, making it important that you have access to an individual invoice easily. In a situation like that, you could hold separate accounts and set up automatic monthly payments for each. This would ensure that funds end up used efficiently. This will be one of the first things to tackle when setting up your Google Adwords campaign.

Google Adwords has made it easy to separate or overlap different budgets across campaigns. If you want to implement a budget for a particular store or business location, you can create an individual campaign for that location to use it’s own daily budget. You can spread your daily budget and apply it to different campaigns, or you could use individual daily budgets for each campaign.

For example, if you have a national campaign less fueled by geographic needs, you could simply include all of your PPC keywords within one campaign and budget. But if your business in Charleston is suffering from low impression share due to a small budget, you could give that location its own budget to exhaust through the day. Most franchise digital marketing experts will agree that proper geographic setup is key to a successful multi location PPC program.

Landing Pages Help Boost ROI For Multi Location Paid Campaigns 

Creating localized landing pages is useful when you’re trying to localize your PPC. This allows potential customers to avoid an extensive search through your webpage to find information on a certain location, such as hours or an address. The landing page should ideally match the phrase they actually type into Google, which in most cases will include the location or region.

Just like with your budget, it’s understandable that different business locations need unique campaigns and attention. If a searcher wants to find specific products or product services within a specific location, they’re probably going to search that way. For example, “Charleston flower shops.” You’re more likely to gain clicks and then business if you have a direct page matching their exact query.

Landing pages for your business locations are also useful in calling customers to action with coupons, sales and regional products or services available. Including as much information as possible on your local landing pages will help drive people to the location closest to them.

 Quality Score And It’s Impact On Franchise PPC Campaigns

The gist of QS is that keyword bids are less expensive when the landing page more closely reflects the content contained in the keyword. Your quality score influences how well your ads perform and what you’ll pay per click. Google’s Quality Score determines how relevant your keyword, ad and URL are to each other. If your quality score is higher, this translates to higher rankings and lower costs for you. Doing research on your keywords to ensure they are the most relevant, adding negative keywords (ruling out irrelevant search terms), as well as streamlining your ad text and landing page content are all a part of improving your quality score. As multi location digital marketing experts we can help improve your campaigns quality score and it’s overall performance.


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