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SEO My Business wrote the book on multi location and franchise SEO. We combine our expertise in optimizing and managing all of your individual store GMB (Google My Business) pages as well as optimizing your individual location landing pages. We handle all the heavy lifting including:

Franchise SEO Services


  • Citation Site Cleanup
  • GMB Creation
  • GMB Optimization
  • GMB Management
  • GMB Posting
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Schema Markup
  • Google Maps API Integration
  • Landing Page Content Updates
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Profile Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Public Relation & Press Releases
  • Marketing Automation
  • Call Tracking
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Conversion Tracking

Multi Location SEO Citation Site Creation

Creating a citation site campaign is a daunting task as it is very labor intensive but also requires and expert approach and attention to detail. Multiply that by 5 or 50 or 500 locations and it becomes a project requiring a lifelong commitment, that’s where the multi location SEO experts from SEO My Business come in. Because each site like Yelp, Apple Maps or Kudzu each have a unique creation and verification process we are setup to handle the heavy lifting for you and can scale that process to suit every location you have.

Multi Location SEO Citation Site Cleanup

We have worked with many clients who have been former customers of Yext or similar citation site management services and now have either incorrect name address and phone number or zero access to their citation site profiles. Trying to correct all of that data or to claim all of those location citation site profiles is an enormous task better left to the pros. SEO My Business can correct and claim all of your multi location or franchise store citation site profiles and provide you login access as well as take over management for each profile.

Multi Location SEO GMB Creation

Without a doubt Google My Business pages are the life blood of any multi location or franchise store marketing effort. GMB pages show up directly under the paid section of Google and at the very top of their Organic section. Typically falling under the domain of Local SEO, the competition within the 3 pack as it is called has become as time consuming as it is valuable for new business. Creating and claiming your individual GMB pages can take up an enormous amount of time and if not done properly by a multi location SEO expert, can create problems you haven’t even anticipated.

Multi Location SEO GMB Optimization

Google updates over the last few years like Possum & Hawk have further complicated the GMB optimization landscape for multi location and franchise SEO marketers. Many of the previous GMB optimization techniques and tactics no longer work and becoming an expert in multi location GMB optimization is more difficult than ever before. Fortunately the franchise GMB optimization experts at SEO My Business have the most current and up to date knowledge base around GMB optimization and can have all of your GMB location pages ranking in the 3 pack.

Multi Location SEO GMB Management

Multi Location SEO GMB Posting

Multi Location SEO Landing Page Creation

Multi Location SEO Landing Page Optimization

Multi Location SEO Schema Markup

Multi Location SEO Google Maps API

Multi Location SEO Landing Page Content

Multi Location Reputation Management

Multi Location Social Profile Creation

Multi Location Social Media Management

Multi Location Email Marketing

Multi Location Public Relations & Press Releases

Multi Location Marketing Automation

Multi Location Call Tracking

Multi Location Employee Social Advocacy

Most companies simply check social posting off their marketing to do list but what if you could actually turn your employees into an amplification system to take your message and posts to a gigantic pool of potential new customers. That’s what employee advocacy does and it’s probably the most important tool in social media marketing for 2018. SEO My Business can leverage all the employees in your organization to help you turn your social media campaigns into a veritable tsunami of new business opportunities.

Multi Location Conversion Tracking



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