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The ABM Superpower of Programmatic Advertising

The secret to the success of ABM lies in its superpowers—characteristics of the marketing strategy that successfully and efficiently open channels to directly deal with primarily midsize through enterprise-level clients and their buying committees.

Programmatic display advertising (or programmatic marketing) is the automated buying of ad space across the digital landscape—display, mobile, video, social, etc. It’s how your branded content reaches the screens of users doing conventional internet or social media browsing.

Its ABM superpowers?
A killer combination of Super Intelligence and Superhuman Strength.

The not-so-secret secret of ABM is to target directly to an account—by company, job title, or another deciding factor. Programmatic advertising (like content marketing) in ABM functions similarly, allowing your company to efficiently reach the job titles at the organizations you’re targeting with unique messaging for each, so your ad only appears when you know it will make the most impact. Then, effectively utilizing third-party intent data—which lets you know when a specific account is “in market” to ensure your targets are actually ready to buy your products or services, you can bid higher and deepen engagement to fuel interaction and push the account down the funnel.

Our team at SEO My Business utilizes multiple marketing techniques and tools synergistically in order to achieve the best ROI for your business. While programmatic advertising isn’t always the principle technique in ABM, it is a useful tool for targeting certain important demographics. When you’re scouting and attempting to secure enterprise-level clients, it’s often best to utilize multiple effective tactics in tandem. Our agency creates custom content for programmatic marketing campaigns that can be tailored to a custom demographic, and then only displayed to that demographic, so that you’re not wasting a marketing spend on buyers that aren’t interested in your product.

In 2020,

69% of digital media

will be programmatic

Source: Zenith Media

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