Search Engine Optimization – Link Building

Search Engine Optimization

Why Link Build?           

The purpose of link building is to be able to direct traffic to your site for free and increase your ranking, effectively optimizing where you stand in the results list of a search engine.

Things to Know Before You Start

  • Link building is time intensive
  • There are specialists trained to build links and effective strategies for you
  • Know your audience – knowing what consumers want is the best tool for increasing your business
  • Understand the current trends in marketing – this gives you an upper hand in the race to the top

 Channels of Distribution

Channels of distribution are ways to get the pertinent information about your business out there. If people like what they find, they can pass it along to more people, thereby increasing your traffic. Here are the top 5 ways:

  • Blogging is an excellent way to link with a lot of people and to exchange information freely.
  • Media relations come in many forms: news websites or companies, social networking sites, real world networking with interested parties, large networking sites such as YouTube or Flickr, and email notifications.
  •  Email your clients and prospective clients information about your business that would be of interest and help to them. This gets your information out there, and leads to a potential for having your information shared with others.
  • Social networking sites offer another way to exchange information freely. They also make it easy to send your information out to fans and clients easily, allowing for more room in creating and maintaining an information base.
  • Forums and discussion threads offer options for getting your business mentioned, as well as a great way to learn what customers are looking for and how their experience working with you was.