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What is SEO And Why Does My Business Need It?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is defined as the process of increasing the quality and quantity of a specific web site’s traffic by increasing its visibility. This is to ensure the site appears high on the list of search engine results. This type of internet marketing strategy increases a website’s organic traffic, or unpaid results, that appear when a website contains specific keywords that the search engine finds relevant to the search. To keep it simple, SEO strategies ensure that when someone Googles keywords that are relevant to your business, your company’s website is on the first page of search results.


You might be thinking, this sounds great but how in the world does SEO work?

In general, SEO is pretty simple. Search engine optimization is a measurable process with clear strategies that are proven to appeal to Google’s formula for ranking websites within search results. A comprehensive, successful SEO strategy includes a few basic tactics including relevant keywords, content building, web design and building quality backlinks to ensure your site is properly indexed by search engine crawlers to be displayed within search results.

Content Building:

Building your website, with content and visuals that are appealing to customers, is another key component of SEO that turns viewers into sales. Content is key. Without quality on-page content that includes relevant key words, search engines will not pick up your website’s URL. When your content matches the searcher’s interest, it creates credibility. This is achieved through SEO copywriting and content writing that is sure to catch not only the viewer’s attention, but also the search engine’s algorithms.

Web Design:

Web design is how to make your content visually appealing through dynamic graphics, blog posts, and visuals that encourage visitors to explore your webpage further. Make sure your site’s appearance clearly appeals to your intended users. Excellent, beautiful examples of companies implementing these SEO strategies are Safre.me and Samahita Yoga Retreats.

Ready to Grow Your Business? Get Started With SEO My Business Today

SEO My Business has over 25 years of experience as a digital marketing agency in Atlanta, Georgia, helping midsized, large and enterprise-level companies increase leads and grow revenue. We have managed hundreds of SEO campaigns for companies throughout the Southeast and pride ourselves on our expert team’s ability to deliver the highest return on investment (ROI) for what you spend on our internet marketing services. Through our strategic, customized tools specific to Google’s search engine algorithms, we can guarantee that your company’s website will appear on the first page of Google’s results, giving your business increased visibility and sales. Our agency, based in Atlanta, has experts in digital marketing who take the time to learn everything about your unique business before we even begin the research and analysis phase, to ensure that we develop the right SEO strategy for you.

Regardless of your business size or your current Google ranking, SEO My Business will have your company’s site on page one of Google without you having to lift a finger.

Search Engine
High Return
on Investment

How We Do It: A Full-Service Digital Marketing Approach

A team of experts that combine SEO content strategies and link building services with other internet marketing strategies like Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Public Relations, and Social Media Marketing. SEO My Business does it all in-house, with full transparency and a positive return on investment. Being the top digital agency in Atlanta means we are also agnostic in terms of internet marketing tactics, which means you benefit from the latest top online media trends. Many outside the box tactics like review services and social media influencers can dramatically improve top of the first-page search results.

Increasing Your ROI Is Our Top Goal

We have been providing Atlanta area small & mid-sized businesses the very best SEO and Internet Marketing services for 10 years. We understand that each company is unique, so we take the time to understand what drives revenue for your business before we even begin the research phase. Our in-depth research includes all on-page and off-page elements of your website so we know how much authority Google gives your domain. Once we know how healthy your site is from an SEO perspective we move into an analysis of the competition that ranks in front of you and learn all we can about the SEO tactics they are using.

What Makes Us Different

First and foremost, all of our SEO work is done in-house by our employees, none of our efforts are contracted out or white-labeled. That alone is incredibly unique in terms of search engine optimization but also digital marketing in general. SEO My Business uses customized tools to determine how Google views your website and uncover hidden technical issues that are prohibiting all pages from being indexed. We are the local experts when it comes to the technical side of SEO and can unlock the hidden potential of your site’s ability to rank well. If your current SEO company doesn’t report things like pages indexed, crawl rate and search analytics, it’s time to make a change. Understanding how Google works and making sure your website is “search engine friendly” is what truly sets SEO My Business apart from the rest.

At SEO My Business we have experts that understand how each individual component of the SEO strategy impacts overall ranking. We address site structure and site architecture first to ensure the proper navigation is in place to maximize each page’s ability to compete in the search results. From there we test and monitor the on-page optimization of each page within your website on an ongoing basis and adjust accordingly. We have experts in on-site usage who will help improve CTR to your pages and measure user engagement to continue to improve organic rank over time.

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