Social Media Optimization Atlanta

Social Media Optimization can be considered the new SEO. In fact, Local SEO can almost entirely rely on SMO to provide fast (usually 1-2 days) geo specific organic results on Google. These techniques give Atlanta Roofing Contractors, Atlanta Plumbers and Atlanta Attorneys the ability to reduce the overall cost of marketing by at least 30%. There are generally three main components to SMO and each is listed out below.

Correct Website Platform
Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeller and Twitter love content coming from blogs! We recommend using some type of blogging platform that has enough flexibility to look like a website. You can also use a service like Squidoo to accomplish the same desired effect.

Target Your Keywords
Be sure to use a keyword tool or your current website analytics to determine which keywords mean the most to your business online. Don't waste time chasing after keywords that aren't leading to sales.

Social Sites to Use
Once you've posted an article to your site using Digg and Propeller to publish it gets the ball rolling. Next we will use Social Bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and Delicious bookmark your social news snippet. Usually bookmarking your snippet on 3-4 of these sites will be sufficient.

Social Media Sites are putting the power of Search Engine Marketing into the hands of small businesses who are savvy enough to stay ahead of the curve. As they say, "to the victor goes the spoils".