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Social Media Optimization is a term that isn’t used as frequently as the others, but it is equally important. Chances are, even if you have never heard of SMO, you actively engage in the social media process. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Propeller, Technorati and Digg are social media tools, and it’s important to get your online business presence involved. But how?

Why SEO Isn’t Enough Anymore

Having a successful online business used to rely solely on Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). While SEO does a great job of getting your website indexed for those real generic competitive terms, what about the small pieces of gold otherwise known as the Long Tail Search Phrase? When you talk about Long Tail Phrases you are talking about several hundred variations of your generic SEO terms, the ones that indicate someone further along the buying cycle.

Think about the number of times you have come across an interesting article, only to learn about a business or product that you have never heard of. Search Engines, especially Google are constantly searching for this information. Getting your company’s name out into social media through effective engagement of readers who are your potential customers is top priority when optimizing your website for social media.

An Intelligent SMO Campaign

Let’s face it. Social Media Optimization can take hours upon hours of work. Between writing blog posts, comments on articles, updating on Facebook and Twitter, you could spend your entire day engaging in social media. The purpose of the Internet Marketing Team at Search Nearby is to provide this optimization for you. While you are running your business, we will stand behind you promoting it.

Search Nearby to the Rescue

The beauty of social media is how far reaching it can be and how quickly it can get indexed on Google. It only takes a handful of the right readers to spread an article around and bring it to the top page of Digg, where it can reach millions of potential customers. Hundreds of thousand of consumers are waiting for you on Facebook and Twitter, willing to hear what your business has to offer.

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