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Get to know the members of SEO My Business that make it happen


Vincent DeCastro


Vincent DeCastro is a digital marketing and SEO professional with 15+ years of experience teaching and managing Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaigns. He has personally managed over 100 lead gen and account based marketing campaigns. Vincent is a proactive thinker who loves solving problems. He enjoys chasing his twin boys around the playground, traveling, and mastering puzzles in his spare time.

Jason McDaniel

Senior Ad Operations Manager

Jason began his Digital Marketing career in high school sending paid traffic to his online message board of 100k users. From there he went on to Georgia Southern University and graduated in 2014 (Go Eagles). He has done paid advertising from every vertical under the sun, including a supernatural university, managing budgets from $600 all the way to $250k a month. Off the clock, you can find Jason in the woods, enjoying a hike with his dog.

Hannah Karlson

Senior Account Manager - Lead Generation

Hannah is our public relations and content manager, who’s responsible for organizing and publishing the variety of content our agency creates on a regular basis. As one of the original team members in 2017, Hannah has learned to wear many hats during her time here. Acquiring skills in everything from project management and client communications, to SEO optimization and HTML5, she has taken her bachelor’s and experience in Public Relations and transformed it into an exciting career in digital marketing. If Hannah isn’t at work, she is probably at the beach (hopefully) or watching the latest serial killer documentary on Netflix.

Adriaan Vandeputte

Senior Ad Operations Analyst

Adriaan Vandeputte is a digital marketing professional that specializes in B2B marketing and data-centric web traffic optimization. Adriaan is a Lead-Gen and Account Based Marketing specialist, and he is a key developer in creating and maintaining custom data-stacks used for ABM campaigns. He has degrees and certifications in Law, Business Management, and Digital Marketing Communications, along with a wide range of technical skills that include Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Whenever he has free time, Adriaan fills his bathtub with Westmalle Tripel and speaks to the small gnome in his beard who he calls Döner Kebab.

Ji Hu

UX/UI Designer

Ji Hu is our UX/UI and Graphic Designer with a strong fine art background. He has always been drawing and designing since he was a kid, and he has visual design and digital marketing experience in fashion and food industries. In 2019, he obtained his UX/UI design certificate from Georgia Tech and joined our team in the beginning of 2020. He is good at visual communication, user-centric design and design thinking. Ji also loves photography, singing and cooking!

Ashlyn Reed

Content Creator

Ashlyn Reed is a Content Creator who specializes in creative copywriting and imaginative design. She writes blog articles and SEO web copy for our team, as well as assists with social media curation and branding. Since joining our team in July of 2019, she has effectively provided the team with a wide variety of linguistic and graphic based material for both us and our clients. Additionally, her bachelor’s in English from UGA and her background as a visual artist allows her to bring a fresh creative perspective to targeted content.

Ryan Mouton

Content Writer

Ryan Mouton is a Content Writer specializing in B2B marketing media. He is the newest team member at SEO my business, joining in early 2020, and contributes primarily long-form technical copy to the content team. Recently graduated with a master’s in Creative Writing, Ryan is a published author and a business owner with professional experience in blog writing, travel writing, and performative storytelling. Ryan excels in the creation of cross-platform content, and his seven years of academic narrative study ensures his writing feels human and familiar. In his spare time, Ryan likes to write fiction, design furniture, and meet other people’s bulldogs.

Mark Redfern

Digital Marketing Specialist

Mark Redfern is a digital marketing manager with extensive experience guiding clients through the process of creating successful digital marketing strategies and campaigns. Mark has 15 years of paid search, paid social, analytics, tag management, marketing automation, digital strategy, reporting, and dashboard development experience. He has provided clients of all sizes with eCommerce, B2C, and B2B campaigns and sitewide development services. At SEO My Business, Mark helps clients align their long-term business goals to their SMART KPIs and measurements, and helps create interactive reporting dashboards that offer real-time campaign tracking and coordination. Mark is all-marketing, all the way. He’s Vice President of Events and Training at The Digital Analytics Association’s Atlanta chapter’s leadership team. He’s also a co-organizer of the Data Science & Business Intelligence Society of Atlanta meetup, which has over 4,900 members.

James Omedo

Graphic Designer

James Omedo is a multimedia designer with over 10 years of graphic and design experience providing content for advertising agencies and other businesses in Atlanta. With an MFA in Advertising Design, James has spent much of his professional career guiding others, teaching graphic design and motion graphics courses at 3 different colleges in Atlanta. At SEO My Business, James provides design elements and graphics for large-scale marketing campaigns, adapting to a client’s need for either traditional or digital media products. He’s a problem solver at heart and passionate about UX/UI, delivering content that not only feels epic, but is also fully maximized for user appeal and ease of use. When James is not designing, he’s catching a Spurs or Arsenal game, or spending time with his two children— traveling, playing volleyball, or volunteering at Buckhead Church.

Lydia Mansel

Head of Content

Lydia Mansel is a Virginian turned New Yorker turned Carolinian—currently based in Charleston—with a background in audience development, storytelling, and creating consistent, effective messaging. After graduating from the College of William & Mary, she began her career in publishing and eventually moved over to the e-commerce, copywriting, and social media spaces. For SEO My Business, Lydia specializes in providing both short and long-form marketing copy for our ABM and Lead Generation clients, which includes digital ad copy, case studies, and ebooks. In her off-hours, she's usually reading, running, baking, or traveling.

Allysa Coleman

Junior Content Specialist

Allysa Coleman is a Content Creator at SEO My Business. She contributes to the content team by writing technical copy, which includes SEO and blog content. Allysa recently graduated from the University of North Georgia with degrees in Film and Digital Media, and gained professional writing experience during her time there by writing several short films and creating material for film production marketing. This fall, she’ll start a Master’s in Narrative Media Writing, where she’s excited to continue to grow her narrative skills and overall writing ability as a content creator. At work, Allysa prides herself on writing in a way that consistently feels engaging and exciting to read, and delivering that content way ahead of schedule. In her spare time, Allysa enjoys exploring nature’s wonders, hanging out with any and all animals, and spending time with her friends and family.

Jonathan Berube

Senior Account Manager - ABM Services

Jonathan is a digital marketing professional with over 10 years of experience specializing in client service and holistic marketing strategy. He has partnered with clients across just about every business vertical, working with them to align on key business objectives and then leading the direction and planning of their integrated marketing strategy. Outside of professional life, Jonathan has a passion for all things fitness related and likes to stay active, along with enjoying cooking and playing guitar.